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Wednesday 16 October 2013


My brother-in-laws love techee toys especially those flying helicopters with video cameras. They even fly them inside as some models are too small and fragile to be used outside.

Now combine high tech flying machines with the production of our food and you get a bird's eye view of a food processing operation. 

Have you ever wondered how the grocery stores can sell 10 lbs of  beets for $1.99? How do farmers make a living when our food is selling so cheaply? One part of the answer is the huge mechanical operation that has streamlined the whole process and reduced human labour costs to a very small fraction of the total cost of growing, harvesting, storing and delivering fresh produce.

To see the current methods used to store sugar beets after harvest from one of those flying toy helicopters click  HERE.

Hope you enjoy the flight.


  1. An interesting read. LOVED the photos on the top of today's blog. Again your photo skills are wonderful.

  2. Hi Pat;

    We hit the road tomorrow for our trip south. May not post for a day or two. Our first stop is to see Owen and family so there should be lots of pictures once we get settled there. Glad you are keeping an eye on us.

    Chat later