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Sunday, 16 December 2012


We had our first overnight guests this weekend. Sean and Casey came up Friday night and we had a great time enjoying their company and getting caught up on their latest news.

First stop was the chicken coop where they collected eggs for breakfast. Even in this cold weather we are getting 4-6 eggs a day from our 6 hens. Their coop is rather spartan  but they continue to produce their daily quota.

After breakfast it was time for a hike back to the beaver ponds. The walking was easy as we don't have much snow yet. Once we get a big dump we will be doing this on snowshoes. If you are coming up in the new year be sure to bring warm clothing and something for your feet while inside. (crocs, slippers, heavy socks, etc)

It was a perfect day for a hike, not windy and we easily made it to the ponds.

I was surprised that the ice was thick enough to support our weight. We ran and slid all over the pond, just like school kids. 

This is a series of ponds separated by the beaver dam you can see here.

Time to head home so we walked the road and stopped by to see our neighbours Lee and Paul.

Great to have family and friends visit. You are welcome any time just call to be sure we are home.

Safe travels everyone.


  1. Looks very different from the time we were there, but beautiful!
    Greetings, Ad and Gertie

  2. Yes Ad and Gertie;

    Different but beautiful. We enjoy all the different seasons and are looking forward to x-country skiing and snow-shoeing once we get enough snow.
    Always good to hear from you