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Friday, 7 December 2012


If you were out of the wind, yesterday was a great day for working outside.  Sometimes we have to get our tools out of the wind.

Our living-room looks a little "red neck" with chain saws warming by the fire. Not the traditional Canadian Christmas scene one thinks of. Once thawed out the saws were good to go and Paul and Ben worked them all afternoon.

It was the perfect day for cleaning up some of the brush we had cut last summer but just didn't have the time to deal with. Ben was happy to get behind the controls and put the bob-cat to work.

He used the grapple bucket to lift the logs out of the way. 

Peter worked inside finishing off the drywall in the hall.

As soon as the drywall was up Mary was there mudding and taping it.

Sometimes it was just easier to get out of the cab and move the smaller logs by hand.

Paul worked cutting the stumps down flush with the ground.

Lots of smoke and noise and pretty soon the job was done.

Thanks everyone for another successful day.

Today we plan to work on the glass walls of the shower. It makes me just a little nervous drilling holes in Paul's beautiful tiling job.

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