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Thursday 6 December 2012


Made a quick trip to Peterborough yesterday to get our shower doors. Fortunately they just fit the back of the truck bed so I didn't need to drive around with my tailgate down.

Today Ben and Peter will be here to finish the drywall installation. Mary and I will spend the weekend mudding and taping. Friday we want to stain the wood trim so next week we can have it ready to trim out the windows and doors. We are getting near the end of things. YEA!!!!!

The shower doors are all glass, on rollers, so one slip and that could be a very costly mistake. I will go over the installation instructions with Peter, decide on what diamond drills I need to buy then tackle the job the first of next week.

That's about the line-up for now. 

Hope you are avoiding the colds and driving safely.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The end close by. Ready before Christmas?
    Do you have infomation about the Wi-Fi game yet ?
    Perhaps it is a nice present!
    Good luck with the showerdoors!
    Love from Ad and Gertie.

  2. Hi Ad and Gertie;

    Did you get my note about the Wi-Fi game? It hasn't arrived yet but will let you know as soon as it does.

    The shower doors went on very well. Peter did a great job and it looks fantastic.

    We are getting snow this morning as I type (Saturday). Looks lovely coming down.

    Must go to town to get groceries.


    Art and mary