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Monday 3 December 2012


Algonquin Park which is just 2 hours north of us is a favourite destination of many Canadians during the summer. With hundreds of lakes and miles of portage routes it's a great place to go and get away from city life. 

In the spring you are assured of seeing moose at the side of the road and bears are frequently seen in the interior. On every lake you will find at least one pair of loon raising a family.

The loon is a unique bird very comfortable on the water, very awkward on land. They can stay under the water hunting for fish for long periods of time but do not like to walk any distance on land. For this reason their nests are built at the edge of the lake for easy access to water.

In winter Algonquin is a different story. 

Copy and paste the the site below, and do a "google search" for a look at just one unique winter activity.

Hope you enjoy the video clip.

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