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Sunday 9 December 2012


Not sure how long it will last but we do have snow. Saturday was one of those days we have been dreaming about. We woke up to the big flakes of snow gently falling from the sky. Off and on all day long we enjoyed the scene. We were even inspired to go for a walk in it. 

Ben and family visited in the afternoon. Ben wanted them to see the fruits of his labour this summer, especially the finished bathroom.

Eric, Ben's younger brother, brought along some kindling so now with Jamie's fire-starters and Eric's kindling it is very easy to get a fire going.

Our wood stove is our only source of heat and so far it has kept us comfortable. We have about 2,100 sq. feet to heat and although the back area where the bedrooms are is cool, that is fine with us.

We are almost ready for Christmas and visitors. Next week we want to get the mud and taping finished, then the walls will be ready for the base coat of paint.

Another job will be re-installing the front door. It is a very heavy double door so Peter may take the doors out of the frame to make the job just a little easier.

Looking forward to visitors in the new year. Be sure to bring your "crocs"  for indoor footwear.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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