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Saturday, 29 December 2012


When we see the sun we are happy. Sunny days are like putting money in the bank.

This is our view looking west early on a sunny morning. We have a five foot overhang on these south windows to keep the sun out during our hot summers.

In the winter the sun is lower in the sky and can reach into our great room and warm the floor all day long. No need for the wood stove on sunny days.

Our solar panels are clean and ready to receive the power when the sun shines. I have a long pole with a rag end I use for keeping them clean. It does make a considerable difference in the output of the panels.  Before cleaning the panels yesterday we were getting 9 amps/hr.

After cleaning the solar panels we were banking 42 amps/hr even though Mary was doing laundry, computers were charging and the vacuum cleaner was running. Our batteries went from 71% to 90 % full.

Even the birds seem more active on a sunny day. We have a full silo of finches and believe we had a redpoll visiting us yesterday. 

Always happy when the sun is shining even when it's -21*C

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