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Monday, 10 December 2012


I wrote a few days ago about the water spot under our clean-out cap.  I believe the water is actually the result of condensation inside the pipe when the warm air meets the cold pipe above the roof. The condensation then forms droplets which run down the inside of the pipe and out the drain door because it wasn't shut tightly, only hand tightened.

I noticed the same situation with our vent pipe from our battery box, water collecting at the base of the pipe. Once again I realised this can only be caused by condensation.

The solution for the battery vent pipe is to go up into the attic and wrap the pipe in insulation right up to the bottom of the roof. Hopefully this will keep the warm air from cooling inside the pipe.

As for the condensation in the drain pipe; now that the trap door has been tightened securely the moisture has no place to escape and can simple drain down into our septic system. Sounds like a simple solution in both situations.

Today Peter and I will be working on re-doing the front door.  It would be great to be finished by noon and then go to the shop and paint the trim.

Chris was here yesterday and had a great suggestion for our closet doors. He suggested opaque doors which would allow the soft closet light to illuminate the hall in the evening and give a peaceful look to our entrance. Great suggestion. We will have to investigate the cost of custom closet doors.

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  1. Sounds like you've got the water mystery solved. Should have read this first. Great idea for closets!