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Friday 28 December 2012


It is very seldom we get to spend two days with Owen but yesterday it happened. We enjoyed a wonderful day with Sherri, Rob and Leanne which also meant another day with Owen. We missed Sean and Casey but when you are not feeling well and the roads are lousy it's best to stay at home.

Time for a little food prep in the kitchen. Yes, we love our food and all our kids are great cooks thanks to their mother.

Fresh from a nap and still a little groggy

What are all these people doing here?

Time for the gifts.

Not the way we open gifts but it is Owen's preferred method.

He's happy just having some paper to play with. Gifts don't mean much when you are 8 months old. Can you see two teeth?

OK, now that I'm up on all fours how do I crawl? It won't be long now. Look out here I come.

Another great day spent with family in Toronto.

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