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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Yesterday Peter and I tackled the front door fix. The door never did open and close properly and we had removed the bottom sweep so we could get the doors closed. That was fine in the summer, but winter has arrived and we were getting a constant draft from the poorly installed door.

First job was to remove the door frame completely and level off the bottom sill. Here Peter uses a skill saw to take off the high point on the sill plate.

Then we caulked along the full length of the sill plate and placed the door frame onto the caulking forming a tight seal along the bottom.

We constantly checked for level and when satisfied then anchored the frame to the side bucks. We then placed the doors back on their hinges and shimmed the frame to get everything square and closing properly.

Once we could see everything working properly we spray foamed around the frame to create a weather tight, draft free seal. You have no idea the damage warm escaping air can do to your window and door frames. The condensation created when the warm air meets the cold creates mould, and rot. Those are two conditions you do not want to see ..................... ever.

Next we turned our attention to the back door which we had done last Friday. Yesterday we trimmed off the excess shims and framed in the door opening with drywall.

While we were working on the doors, Mary was taping and mudding the hall. This seems to be a never ending job as Mary pushes the scaffold from room to room.

It's five o'clock and we are just about done. Another productive day.

Final comment on doors and windows. 

Our doors from Fibertec are expensive doors, heavy duty with top quality components. Yet their performance was severely compromised because they were installed incorrectly. They leaked, they wouldn't close properly, and the insulation around the doors left gaps. If left this way the wood frame would have rotted out in a few years.

Fibertec was very patient with us, sending a representative to inspect the installation and explaining why we had a problem.

I don't care how expensive your doors are, if the people installing them do it wrong the doors won't work properly.  Buy quality but also ensure the installation is done correctly.

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