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Saturday 15 December 2012


When you are a kid, birthdays seem to take forever to get here. As an adult they slip around far too quickly. Thursday we got together to celebrate my baby sister's ___ birthday. OK, where did those years go to?

So here is Mary with my sisters. Sharon, the birthday girl, is on the far right.

The plan was to spend some time at the St.Jacobs Farmers' Market then go out for supper and celebrate Sharon's birthday.

After a 5 hour drive down from Bancroft I was starving and ready for a quick snack. Peter had recommended the beef on a flat bread and doesn't it look yummy. Delicious!!!!!!!

Here is the owner, a happy guy who looks after his customers superbly.  Be sure to drop by and try one next time you are at the market.

Can you tell I'm enjoying lunch? 

Truly a wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels all you snowbirds heading south. 

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