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Friday 30 November 2012


How do you handle the curve balls life throws at you? One thing about living in a small town, the rumours get around very quickly.

First thing we heard when we came back last spring was " stay away from Richard",  he's being sued, his wife left him, he'll take your money and run.

Well Richard had spent a lot of time with me, designing our radiant floor system so it used very little electrical power. This was critical as we always want to minimize the draw on our batteries.

Throughout the summer his crew was here from time to time installing different components of our HRV system and radiant floor system as our construction schedule allowed.

When we got back from our three week break in Florida, first thing we heard; Richard has closed shop and left town. Wow, this can't be, he hasn't finished our job.

As it turned out that weekend I ran into two of his employees, both confirmed that yes, Richard was out of business. I couldn't believe it. How could he leave us hanging?

Monday I was in town, so dropped by his office and found he was there packing boxes and cleaning out the place.

Yes, he was leaving town as the rumours said, but not before he looked after his clients. He promised to be out Thursday to complete the installation of our HRV system. He had also made arrangements with another heating firm to come in and complete the installation of our radiant floor system. 

That made me feel better ..................... but did he really mean what he said or was I just getting the brush off?

Thursday came and no Richard. Nine o'clock,10 o'clock, 11 o'clock no Richard. Guess you can't trust everyone.

Twelve o'clock I'm eating lunch alone (Mary has gone to Toronto) and the door opened. Guess what? In walked Richard, tools in hand ready to keep his word. Now that's riding "tall in the saddle".

When the chips are down how to you handle the curve balls life throws at you?

Richard could have left town in the middle of the night, telling no one and avoided all the extra hassle staying around has created for him. He could have left his employees hanging and just taken his money and run.  But that's not what happened. 

Before leaving he is making sure his customers are looked after. He has found work for two of his three employees and work that isn't done he's made sure another contractor will do it. Not only will the work be done but the warranty on the parts and labour will be honoured. 

From time to time you meet people who "ride tall in the saddle" when they could easily take your money and brush you off. Paul Mayeau who installed our solar system on our trailer did it and now Richard here in Bancroft is doing it.  It restores your faith in humanity.

To all those who have taken the "high" road when most would have left town quietly at midnight, thank you. You stand tall in my books.

Thanks Richard, I wish you all the best wherever you hang your hat.

Safe travels everyone.

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