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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


took a tumble in front of our resort yesterday and ended up sprawled on the sidewalk like a drunken sailor. mary, don, and carol were quick to the rescue and took me back to our condo for repairs and a clean-up. i decided i would lie down for the afternoon while they went out exploring the area.

by suppertime my hand was swollen and in obvious need of a professional examination. after a few ex-rays the doctor could see a bone chip at the base of my thumb. a thumb splint covered by a wrist split has immobilized the damaged area and in a few days i should be as good as new. don, carol and mary are looking after me superbly and i couldn't be in a better spot for convalescing. 

i will take a few days off from the blog until my left hand has healed to the point i can use it for typing.

thanks for keeping an eye on us and safe travels.


  1. Sorry to hear about the tumble, Art. It reminds us of the one that Cliff took in New Zealand. Glad that yours is not as bad as it was! Get well soon!!

  2. You need to follow your own advice, safe travels! We hope you will be feeling better soon and that there is no lasting damage. Owen will kiss it better for you although it will be a slobbery one.