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Monday, 5 November 2012


Looks like we might get some rain today and Tuesday. (very foggy at the moment) That will ease us into the sun exposure slowly and keep us from burning. Maybe by Wednesday our skin will have become accustomed to the southern climate.

Foggy Morning here in Daytona Beach.

Today the ladies are off to the spa for a morning treatment and tomorrow we have the traditional RCI pressure presentation to buy more time-shares. We are happy with what we have and don't need any more but they always include an incentive like $100.00 so we go then take ourselves out for lunch with their money later in the week. It is a perfect rainy day experience as they also include a lunch meal during their presentation, so two meals for one presentation.

Yesterday we ate at one of the local fish restaurants here "Our Deck". Food was abundant but nothing special. We have two other recommended eateries to try before we leave. If you can suggest any others just send us a note.

Art and Mary

Carol and Don

We love the view from our balcony and spend as much time out here enjoying the scene as we can. It will be hard to leave here and head back to colder temperatures when our stay is over.

The writing on the picture above was from a demonstration I did for Don. I didn't realize it was still there until I had inserted the picture into my blog.

Have a great day and safe travels.

Still foggy at 8 a.m.

Mary, Carol and Don walking the beach before breakfast.

I think the sun is about to break through. Time to head to the pool.

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