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Monday 12 November 2012


Today we went clothes shopping ( a task akin to getting a tooth out for me) and I figured I would find a chair and wait patiently until the ladies had exhausted their wallets.

Now if you know my sisters you know they are the best at finding the bargains when they travel. Carol had checked the newspaper ads and saw that Bealls was having a sale so that's where we spent Monday afternoon. 

Now you are about to see a rare photo ................ me with a full shopping cart in a department store .................

and I'm smiling. But here's the case.

Bealls was having a sale so most of the items you see in the cart above were 30-50% off msrp.

But there's more. Monday they gave an additional 25% off the lowest price. Great ............ extra savings. 

So we are about to check out and the clerk says  "if you open a Bealls account today you can get an additional 20% off of your total bill". 

WOW! Couldn't resist. Opened the necessary account, put the bill on our new Bealls account then turned around and used our Canadian bank debit card to pay that off. Crazy! Only in America can you shop and then get additional savings on top of savings, then more savings on top of that.

Great to travel with my sister, she knows how to shop and save. 

Look out Owen we have more clothes for you.

Two posts in one day; I'm exhausted. Think I'll take tomorrow off and enjoy the pool. See you Wednesday.

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