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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


For a town with a population of 3,500, Bancroft is an active community with much to offer: Rockhound Gemberee, Tall Pines Rally, Home and Cottage show, Music in the park, Winter Festival complete with dog sled races, Summer Camp for kids, ATV trails, Hiking Trails, Eagles Lookout, Quilt Show, Craft Show, Live Theatre, Library, Art Gallery, Community Choir, Moose FM radio station, Bancroft Harold (newspaper), and clubs of every kind catering to every interest.

Around us there are: county fairs, logging competitions, studio tours, wolf habitat tours, a public observatory, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, snow-shoeing, skiing, beaches, and lakes and rivers to paddle.

You can be as active as you want or sit and relax to watch the sun set across one of the thousand lakes up here.

It's a place you can go to town for your groceries and before you know it half the day has disappeared. 

You can stop by and see your travel agent, insurance agent, plumber, electrician, priest, doctor, pharmacist or mechanic often without an appointment.

Our doctor doesn't book his appointments weeks in advance. Every day there is time to see those who have an unexpected medical need. Call his office and see him the same day.

Bancroft has a 10 bed hospital capable of handling routine visits. If you need major surgery or  extended care you will be sent to Huntsville or Kingston.

We have two grocery stores, two Tim Horton's, a Canadian Tire store, Home Hardware (excellent customer service), two drug stores, two banks, two schools and a high school. There is a small airport, one fireman and 75 volunteers, no police force (the OPP looks after those needs), and a host of family run businesses that line the main street. Oh yes, we have 4 traffic lights but no rush hour, although it can get pretty backed up at those lights Friday evenings in the summer, when the cottagers come to town.

The air is clean. You will see deer, fox, rabbits and maybe a bear as you drive  to town. 

The mills shut down the first week of November because all the workers get the same illness. (deer fever)

When you need some help your neighbours are there to lend support or loan you the tools you need. When you need to clear bush they will show up with their chainsaws and help get the job done. When you are too sick to get out of bed they will bring food and make sure you are looked after. When you go away they keep an eye on your place and plough out your lane so you can come home safely.

When we moved to Bancroft we knew no one but everyone has welcomed us and helped as we've adjusted to life in the bush.

We love it here, wouldn't trade it for any other place and look forward to the next 50 years or so with excitement and great anticipation.

If you haven't visited Bancroft plan to do so in the near future. We are 4 hours north and east of Toronto right on the York River. 

Bring your hiking shoes, binoculars  and backpack. Get out and enjoy some of our hiking trails, lakes and rivers. It will restore your soul and clear your lungs.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Oh, life in small town Ontario. It doesn't get any better.

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