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Thursday 22 November 2012


Yesterday's blog was just way too long. For those who persevered and read to the end thank you.  Today won't be such an ordeal.  

We've been spoiled up here in Bancroft the past few days.Usually November is cold, wet, dark and miserable but we've been enjoying sunny, dry, warm days since getting back from Florida. 

We do know winter is coming and we need to be prepared and one essential at the top of the list is firewood. 

Yesterday I took this tired old body out to the wood pile and started stacking firewood close to the house.

Mary being smarter then me chose to use the apron to make the task so much easier. This is a great way to carry a load of firewood without getting your clothes dirty or your arms falling off.  If you haven't tried it I would recommend it.

Some of our firewood has been sitting in these crates for two years. Each crate holds about half a cord and makes it easy to move the wood when needed. Now that we have emptied some we can begin the process of cutting and drying the wood we will use next year. When you live in the bush you need to be thinking a year ahead.

So this is our front porch, covered as high as we can reach with firewood ready to keep us warm. We will do it all over again today and if my body holds together have about 4 cords under our roof. Cold, wet weather is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday but we will be safe and warm inside by our wood stove. Truth is I'm enjoying the fire now as I type.

Thanks for stopping by and it's always a delight to hear from you.

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