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Friday, 16 November 2012


We  did it, raced around the track just before Don turned .... ?
Happy Birthday Don! Enjoy your day.

Spent a great afternoon enjoying a 2 hour tour of the Daytona 500 speedway yesterday. Had a chance to see the track up close, sit in the drivers' lounge and go high up to the media stand high above the grandstand. Don and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend it for those who know even a little about NASCAR racing.

From high up and down low we got to see it all. The garages, pit crew area, victory lane, infield, media booth you name it we saw it up close.

Ferrari had a team of drivers there for the day, running the track and fine tuning their cars. Cost to rent the facilities for the day ........................................... $50,000.00 Here one driver  was just a blur as he crossed the finish line.

Another driver takes corner #2, fast and noisy.

Don enjoyed the view. You can see the entire complex from this vantage point. This is his preferred seat for the next race. 

We did make it to the "Winner's Circle" It was really too close to call. 

Another great day and now it's time for some birthday cake.

Remember if you visit Daytona, take in the speedway either for a race or a tour. You will not be disappointed. You can even get into one of their race cars and see how fast you can get around the track.

Thanks for stopping by. Safe travels and no speeding.

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