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Thursday, 15 November 2012


The track (Daytona 500) was too wet to visit yesterday so we headed north to St. Augustine for more shopping.

We took the coastal route and Don drove so I could enjoy the views. Although it was cloudy it was still an enjoyable drive. 

I was surprised at the number of school groups, bundled up against the weather, out touring St. Augustine.

We did find our destination, "the outlet malls", and scurried inside to get out of the rain.  Not sure if it was the company or the deals but we spent the day enjoying ourselves in spite of the weather.

Later in the afternoon the rain stopped but the clouds continued to hang low and we were ready to head for home.

We did find this little toy for Owen, another noisy little gizmo for his crib. It's fun being grandparents, buying stuff we don't need and giving it away to the grandkids. "Spoil them and leave them", that's our motto.

Another dull morning today with the water up over the beach and the clouds hanging low again. We will try again for the Daytona 500 tour and Mary and Carol will do more shopping.

As Carol said "the weather is telling us it's time to say goodbye"

Just one more day then we head north for home.  Our three weeks have disappeared very quickly. 

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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