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Friday 9 November 2012


Wasn't sure what to call this blog today. Many thoughts are going through my head as we vacation here in Florida. "Family" was one potential title. Our kids keep an eye on us through our blog and enjoy the vacation almost as much as we do. "Sisters" as I'm travelling with one, there is one back in Canada sending medical advice and one travelling in India right now sharing her journey with us by the internet. Maybe it should be called "Gramma" as today's technologies would just baffle my grandmother who was amazed with the radio and "party" line telephone. Or "spoiled" as we seem to be accumulating a truck load of "goodies" for our grandson. But on reflection he's not spoiled just very much loved by us all. So "More Clothes" was what I settled on. 

Yesterday was a "points" day. We went shopping at the outlet stores in Orlando and according to Don earned "points" from our wives for our patience while they shopped. When Don and I thought we were done Carol and Mary said they had just two stores left and then we could leave.

 "Ok, not a problem, we will meet you back at the truck." 

Two hours later, I kid you not, after we were just about to go in search of them the ladies showed up. Smiles, bags and more clothes. We earned a lot of points on that trip and since Don did all the driving he got bonus points. 

Not sure what today's plans are. I know a walk on the beach will start the day and there was some talk about visiting the "Flea Market" but you will have to check back later to see what we do.

My wrist is fine as long as I keep it in the splint. Still tender but more range of motion as each day passes.

Thanks for stopping by. Always good to hear from you.

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