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Saturday 24 November 2012


When you burn as much wood as we do you know you will be carrying out a lot of ashes. When my sister saw us using a cardboard box to dump the ashes into she knew we needed help. Cardboard and ashes are a recipe for disaster.

So Carol very kindly gave us this old blue pot that came from the "farm" to use as our ash bucket. 

Now items that came from the "farm" have a special place in our heart. As kids we have many wonderful memories of days spent at our uncle's farm down near London.

The first words out of Carol's mouth when we pulled into the driveway were " I smell the ponies" and off she would run to the barn.

For us "city" kids the "farm" was a whole new experience. You could hide in the hay, ride the work horse around the field, chase the calves back to the barn, catch pigeons in a sack ................ it was magical and we loved every minute there.

So now the pot that my aunts and uncles used graces our home doing it's utilitarian duty as it has done so faithfully for a 100 years.

But it's not an ash pot, it's a water pot. At the moment we only have water as far as our pressure tank. The kitchen and bathrooms will be hooked up next week when the plumber comes. So for the time being our blue pot has become our water tank, giving us the ability to heat lots of water on our wood stove.

Thanks Carol for the pot and all the memories it brings.

Enjoy the day and drive safely friends.

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