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Monday, 26 November 2012


We decided to keep the chickens alive this winter as we are staying home and not spending the winter with friends in Arizona. But how to keep the chickens comfortable when it is freezing outside and snow covers the ground? 

Our birds are Mary's pets and nothing but the finest will do when it comes to looking after the girls. So after some internet research Mary felt the girls would survive if we could keep them in a draft free enclosure. Apparently they can tolerate freezing temperatures and if they have fresh water and food should do ok in the coop.

First job was to wrap the coop and run in plastic creating a "green house" chicken coop. The plastic keeps the nasty northern wind out, lets the sunlight in and warms up the place when the sun is shining.

We used some left over yellow plastic but there wasn't enough so off the RONA and back home with a roll of heavy duty vapour barrier plastic. 

Now the coop is wrapped up snug and tight. This is a big improvement and the birds now prefer to stay inside out of the wind.

Mary also added straw bedding in the coop and run to keep their feet of the cold floor and frozen ground.

These girls didn't stay out very long. They didn't even make it once around the coop. What chickens they are.

Mary has to say hello whenever we go down to the coop and the girls respond like little pets all wanted some attention.

We are averaging 3 -5 eggs a day so Leanne watch for more eggs when Mom comes to Toronto later this week.

Safe travels Marvin and Annie.

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