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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Farmers'markets, flea markets, church bazaars they are all great places to spend a day searching for a bargain and chatting with the local people.

First we decided on a spot to meet if we got separated then we synchronized our watches so we were all on the same time.

Next a little nourishment ..................

then off to explore the miles of aisles for the next few hours.

It's all here from T-shirts to vacuum cleaners you can find it somewhere.

Once home we were hungry again so Carol whipped up this delicious salad. It was just as tasty as it looks. We do eat well on this trip.

Since we had walked so many miles next job was a pedicure.  Carol and Mary gave Don and me a pedicure and believe me it felt so good on these tired feet. Guys, if you haven't had one get your wife to give you one. You'll wonder why you waited so long. Of course, you will need to return the favour. Our feet never felt better.

Today we are off to explore another beach and visit another restaurant, 

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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