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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


We arrived home safely about 6:30 last night. It was dark and cold (-1*C) but inside our house it was 13.3*C which is about 56*F. 

Remember our house operates just on solar heating when we are away. We have no furnace just a wood stove. So to come into the house and find it so much warmer than the outside temperature was very rewarding. That's the way this house is designed to operate and so far we are very pleased with the performance.

We left Florida last Saturday after a fabulous three week holiday with Carol and Don and stayed overnight in South Carolina. Up very early Sunday morning and in Oakville by 7:30 that night.

Meaghan and Adrian so kindly put us up for the night and then Monday we headed out on our last leg of the journey.

Now this is the way to travel, on your mom's hip. When we are in Toronto it's great to spend time with our daughters. Here Owen gets a ride on Sherri's hip as we unpack the "treasures" Mary and Carol found for Owen. Yes, we are spoiling our grandson but that's what we love to do and Mary and Carol found some wonderful bargains while shopping in Florida.

The best bargain was this riding toy from Fisher Price, all kinds of gadgets to push and pull and they all make noises. Don't you just love those grandparents that bring back those noisy toys for your kids.

 Owen sure seems happy with the riding machine.

Oma loves to have a little play time with Owen. 

Our visit was too short but we will be back soon and maybe Owen and his parents will be up once we get our plumbing completed.

We then had lunch with Leanne and got caught up on her news. I wanted to avoid rush hour traffic in Toronto so we left about two and were in Peterborough by 3:30.

First stop was Connie's to drop off 2,000 suckers she wanted us to bring home then our phone rang and Sean was calling. 

He was home so we had a chance to pop over and see him, totally unexpected as he is doing his "practice teaching" in Whitby this month. We had a quick visit and missed seeing Casey as she was at work. Hopefully we will be down in a few weeks and maybe do supper together.

We've had a wonderful holiday, very relaxing thanks to Don doing most of the driving but it felt good getting home and seeing what our workers had completed while we were away. (more on that tomorrow)

Thanks for stopping by and watch for more pictures tomorrow.

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