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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Paul the tile guy will be here later this morning. He will start cutting and fitting the tile for the back bathroom and finish the job on Monday.

Yesterday Mary and I cleaned and organized the mechanical room. Everything needs a home so we can find it quickly when we need it. This morning we will continue finding places for my tools in the hopes of reducing the frustration of knowing I have it but can't find it. My goal is to be able to walk into the mechanical room and see everything at a glance, no more hiding stuff in boxes or bags.

Since we don't have a basement every inch of available wall space is used. I place similar tools together (saws, hammers, tape, levels,etc) making it easier to locate. Also all my electrical tools, painting equipment, drills, etc, are grouped together on different sides of the room, once again making it easier to find when needed.

What method do you use Ad to stay organized? I'm sure you have a trusted system that has worked well for years.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll post more pictures after lunch.

Safe travels everyone.

Update 10:30 am

Paul cutting a tile to fit.

Tile pattern being established. We discovered we are short a few tiles for the shower stall so looks like we will be doing a fast run to Peterborough in the morning.

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