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Friday 7 March 2014


Yesterday Peter was to come and work on our windowsills while Ben was going to cut more trees.  It didn't happen. Peter's truck wouldn't start so that became his priority for the day and we simply changed plans.

Mary had a meeting in town so while she was away I decided to try removing the wooden shims under our kitchen windows.  Can you see the small plywood shims? These are necessary when installing the windows to get the window sitting level and square. Unfortunately they let in the cold air, get wet, and are covered with frost on our very cold days. Not a good situation.

So with chisel and drill I worked away getting the wooden shims removed. I was hoping for complete removal but will take what I get just as long as I can spray foam into the cavity left from the shim.

I even went outside and removed the steel siding in the hopes of attacking the problem from the porch. That window is secure; nailed every 6 inches. I couldn't even see the shims.

In the afternoon we took a break .................

.............. a fishing break.

Mary and Paul use the power auger to dig the fishing hole. The ice is about four feet thick.

Ben had called to say he was going down to fish so that was why we decided to take a break and do the same. The sun was out and it was gorgeous on the lake.

Ben's brother Charles enjoying the afternoon.

Mary borrowed a minnow from Ben's supply. She was the only one to catch a fish that day,  a small perch she returned to the lake.

Today Peter and Ben will install the windowsills and cut trees.

Watch for pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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