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Thursday 6 March 2014


Winter is the perfect time to cut trees and burn brush. The dry wood burns easily and there is no sap in the tree. Working in snow up to your knees is exhausting but a necessary drawback when burning brush this time of year. On Saturday Nathan and Matthew were here cutting trees. They worked all day cleared  a large section of our bush and never complained once.

Yesterday Ben came to cut more trees and open up our view of the pond.

The brush was stacked and burned and today he will be back to do the same.

Peter will also be here to install the window trim in the great room. Several of the windows still need some final insulation but Peter knows what is needed to do the best job so we leave it to his discretion.

Saturday we are expecting a journalist student from Bellville to interview us and take pictures for a school project. We've never met but he has sent several e-mails and we are looking forward to meeting him.

Then Sunday family arrives and we will have a busy week getting caught up on all the family news.

Our days are full and tend to fly by; there is always something to work on or prepare for.

Time to get back to work.

Thanks for stopping by.

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