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Wednesday 19 March 2014


So now we have hot water at the tap thanks to our solar system. 
When we started this journey we never imagined we would be heating our water using our batteries. We sold many of our kitchen appliances before moving north figuring we just wouldn't have the capacity to use them. What a surprise to have such a surplus that we now have two small water heaters to supplement our hot water use.

Glen was here early to hook the water lines up.

The tank on the left is electric and will preheat the water going into the larger propane tank on the right.

Sean came later to do the electrical connections.

Each tank is on a timer and will only come on when we activate the system during sunny days.

So that is our system in a nutshell, simple, easy and hopefully effective. I will monitor our frequency of use and report if I notice a decline in our propane consumption.

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