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Friday 28 March 2014


Gerry and Jackie came over last Wednesday and showed us how to tap the trees properly.

It's best to tap on the south side of the tree as it gets the most sun and therefore the most sap flow.

Gerry explains how to properly insert the tap so it's snug and you avoid any leaks.

It's wise to clean the hole before inserting the tap. We used a small twig much like we use a q-tip on our ears.

Since we are using plastic tubing we placed the spiel at a slight angle to help the tube fit around the tree.

Mary taps in a spiel as Gerry watches to make sure it is done properly. You actually get a different sound from the tap once it sets in tightly.

Today it's forecast to go to +8*C and for the next seven days we are to have temperatures above zero during the day and below zero at night, ideal maple syrup weather. This will be the week of working outside, collecting and boiling the sap and enjoying company around the fire. We've been invited to Glenn and Margaret's sugar shack some evening next week for donuts, Margaret's delicious homemade donuts. Maple syrup production is a social time up here with family and friends gathering to enjoy the experience.

Watch for more pictures as the days get warmer and the sap begins to flow.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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