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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


We are anxious to get our maple syrup production started. Winter keeps hanging on, the sap isn't flowing but we are getting ready. Once it starts we don't want to miss a day.

We will use these 4 gallon jugs we got from a local restaurant as our sap buckets.

First they're drained and cleaned so there is no aftertaste on the sap.

Each lid was drilled and fitted with a hose. 

These plastic spiels were fitted to the other end and will be tapped into the tree as the spigot. 

Today the guys will be here installing our electric water heater so no work on the maple syrup system. We still need to build the fire pit and a platform for the collecting barrel. I'll post those pictures once we get them done.

Our system is very basic, done by hand, setup on our driveway just the way many folks do it up here. 

Whenever we have questions a simple phone call and someone has the answer. Our neighbours are wonderful.

We will keep you posted as we progress through this for the first time. 

-14*C and cloudy this morning

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels.

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  1. The sap likes higher temparatures like here in Portugal.At noon 22 degrees; in the morning 15! Love, Ad and Gertie