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Saturday, 22 March 2014


Stopped by to see Connie and Andrew's renovations yesterday and have lunch with Connie. Andrew is handy with a hammer and drywall.

He did a professional job on the knee-wall he built to separate the entranceway from the living-room; solid, clean and tidy.

This wall of glass was the best improvement so far. It allows a ton of light into the kitchen (just waiting for the new cupboards and floor)  and also permits easy access to the sun-room, the perfect place to enjoy their morning cup of coffee.

Connie wants everything done by the end of June so they can enjoy their new home and have parties all summer long.

Time for breakfast and we need to hang some lights.

Safe travels everyone, we are expecting 5-10 cm of snow today.

UPDATE 11 a.m.

Does this look like spring? We got dumped on again.

Thanks to Paul and Steve our driveway is clear.

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