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Monday 3 March 2014


We have some sad news ....... no more eggs. Our egg-man is leaving for a visit to Ireland and has decided to get out of the egg business.

This is indeed sad news as we've enjoyed the eggs and where else can we get fresh, free range eggs for $2.50/dozen. That's as cheap as you can get eggs even when you have your own birds.

We do have an option ............... buy some of his hens for our own production. We already have a very good hen house. We had our own chickens for two years and always enjoyed their eggs.

But chickens need attention and that means staying home to look after them. Yes we could go away for two days but forget two weeks and two months isn't even a consideration.

So we are still considering our options and the challenge each presents. We don't need to make a decision this week but before the end of the month we need to decide, will we get five birds or pass. 

Stay tuned and once we know you will know.

Some of you have been wondering if we started our maple syrup production. The answer is ............... not yet. The weather continues to stay below freezing and we need warm temperatures for this to happen. The next two weeks so far don't look very promising but we continue to monitor the long range forecast and are ready to start just as soon as conditions improve. Everyone up here is anxious to get outside and tap the trees. Pancakes, sausages and home made maple syrup, makes my mouth water.

Free range eggs and home made maple syrup maybe we should get a goat to really get into the homesteading act. Goats, I'm sure Owen would have fun with them.

This morning it is -27*C (-16.6*F)

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.


  1. If you get goats you have to name one Curry

  2. Hi Art & Mary,
    After reading your entry today, we would like to let you know, that we have a service that we could provide, in the event that you would like to take a longer break from your domestic duties. Yes, we have experience looking after chickens, among other things. Upon getting together, which we have wanted to do for some time, we could discuss it further. Let us know what you think.

  3. Hi Lori and Doug;

    Good to hear from you and we certainly need to get together to discuss your offer and share our experience living off grid.
    Send me an e-mail at:
    Thanks for the offer. Chat later