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Friday, 24 July 2015


Owen arrived yesterday and his first request was to see "HIS" room. Then he hauled out the Lego and entertained himself for the next hour.

Oma had to join in on the fun. No better way for a three year old to spend an afternoon.

Took a break from the Lego and went down to see the chickens. They weren't too interested in visiting, just eating. Owen enjoyed walking behind them wherever they went.

Climbing the hills and chasing chickens was a great way to spend a summer afternoon at Oma's place.

We are looking forward to more fun with Owen and Sherri over the next few days. 

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  1. LEGO I am so glad that Owen shares a love of this wonderful toy. Neil has so much lego. He has inherited Lisa, Matt's and now has his own growing supply. I am so impressed with the instruction booklets that come with certain kits. Maybe Neil and Owen can have a Lego get together some day. Continuing to enjoy your wonderful blog entries. Hope you have a great get away in your AirStream.