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Thursday 16 July 2015


Yesterday was a very busy day and we were exhausted by the end of it. 

The birds are now frozen solid and we will enjoy them this winter.

Marvin and Annie were a big help and they have some ideas for making the process easier next year. We would like to do more birds and will investigate using a chicken plucker as that is the worst job on the production line.

Mary also bagged some heart, necks and feet to make chicken broth. We've never used the feet before so if you have any advice let us know.

Today we are looking forward to Leanne and Christiana arriving. Always a special occasion when company comes for a few days.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.


  1. the feet have a lot of gelatin and are great in stock. Gelatin is extremely good for you.
    My experience with chicken feet is a funny one. As you know, my parents where in art school when I was really little. well, one of my dads projects involved him baking, to dry, and spray painting black, chicken feet. I have creepy memories of chicken feet and dolls heads hanging in our basement!!

  2. That would have been scary for you Becca. Glad you like them now. I think they will give us excellent soup stock. It's cold enough this morning for soup.