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Friday 10 July 2015


Our wood stove has worked faithfully keeping us warm the past three winters. I was concerned about creosote buildup and the possibility of a chimney fire as we hadn't had it cleaned since we started using it. 

So we called in the experts and helped with the job so we can do it ourselves in the future. It really is an easy job once you know the steps to follow and how to remove the right pieces to get everything cleaned.

The biggest part of the job was cleaning the soot out of the firebox. There was very little soot in the chimney, less than a cup after three years of burning.

The stove was then cleaned with steel wool. This we should do at the end of every burn season.

The last step was a coat of paint giving our stove a showroom finish.

We were very happy to learn how clean our stove burns and how little ash is left behind. With proper maintenance our stove should last 20 -30 years. 

Chimney fires don't happen by accident, they occur from neglect. Take a few minutes and inspect your chimney or call in the experts to get it cleaned; it's cheaper than rebuilding your home.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone. 

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