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Monday 6 July 2015


Durl tells me that fish are more likely to bite after supper or before breakfast assuming you eat before dawn or at sunset. That's when fish seem to be looking for food and spend the rest of the day lying around enjoy the day doing whatever a fish does for enjoyment. 

Right after supper we headed down to the boat and out onto the lake hoping the fish were still biting.

Every fisherman has his preferred spots and off we went to try our luck.

You catch lake trout by trolling and after a few passes .........

I had one on the line. Note the dog's focus, he wasn't about to let that fish jump back into the lake. 

Soon Mary had one hooked and Durl brought it in with the net.

Can you tell how happy Mary is? She loves to fish. 

We soon had our limit and Durl was kind enough to fillet them for us.

Fishing was a great way to finish off a perfect day. We live in such a beautiful area surrounded by thousands of lakes just waiting for us to take Owen fishing ..................  but first we need a boat.

Thanks again Durl and Linda for a fabulous day in every way. We will enjoy the fish when family visit, may even save some for our guests from Germany.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. You both look good with a dog by your sides :-)

  2. Thanks Lori. We've often talked about getting a dog but have resisted the urge as we like to travel and wouldn't be happy leaving it at home. Maybe some day.