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Saturday 18 July 2015


Friday night we gathered around the campfire to start our weekend of fishing and fellowship. There is something special about men's voices singing out under the stars. Unfortunately the stars soon disappeared and rain clouds moved in. 

Saturday morning it was time to get out on the lake and see if we could catch some fish for lunch. Al, Liem and Brad get ready to climb aboard.

Glenn, Roger and Lloyd soon had three pike on the stringer and they were trolling for more. Now most fishermen avoid pike because of the bones but they are delicious and make an excellent fish-fry if filleted properly.

Lloyd was the resident expert and we all watched and learned as he made the job look so easy.

We also had burgers just in case the fish weren't biting. Here Durl makes sure they don't burn.

It was a perfect men's getaway and something I hope they do more often.

Thanks Lloyd and Rodger for organizing it.

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