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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


The second week in July is garlic harvest time in Ontario. We eat a lot of garlic and last fall Mary decided to plant enough to last us the year.  

Looks like an excellent crop to me. Some of this we will dry and attempt to grind into garlic powder. The rest will be added to a variety of dishes during the winter. This week we are enjoying fresh garlic with new potatoes fresh from our garden! Yumm.

The garlic is being laid out to dry in the shade, filling the breeze with its fragrance. 

After some consideration we moved the garlic to the deck. Here it can stay and dry for the next two weeks without being damaged by the rain. Once dry Mary will try braiding some of it. 

Stepping on to the deck this morning we could smell the garlic before we saw it.

The white hanging cylinder is Mary's herb drying rack. Living off grid we utilize as many non-electric devices as we can. It's doing a great job.

We love our garden and all it gives us.

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