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Saturday 4 July 2015


Life on the lake ....................... it's the best.  

Yesterday was the perfect day to visit Linda and Durl on Weslemkoon Lake. But before we got there we had some exploring and serious  navigating to do. 

Since much of this area is unknown to us whenever we travel we like to take the back roads, the ones that twist and turn through the old villages and cross the streams and skirt the lakes deep in the bush. As you can see, we got a little too deep in the bush and ended up driving through a logging operation and along a road that was really not much more than an ATV trail.

An hour later than expected we finally arrived and we were soon enjoying a delicious lunch thanks to Linda and Durl. We could have just stayed there for the afternoon taking in the beautiful views, but there was too much to explore and discover on the lake so off we went to see the world of water and learn some of the history surrounding the lake.

First stop was lookout mountain where we enjoyed this breathtaking view across the water after an invigorating climb for my old legs across rocks and tree roots to get there. Once again we could have stayed here for the afternoon, but the time was passing and Durl had many more sights to show us.

Before we left we did get our picture in front of the smallest cottage on the lake. It's not really a cottage but a little A-frame someone built on top of the mountain some seventy years ago. Back then winters were harsh and long and you made your own entertainment to stay warm and pass the days. 

I think I'll stop there and continue tomorrow where we will visit an ancient Indian grain grinding location.

Living on the water is spectacular and we have a new appreciation for "cottage" life thanks to Linda and Durl.

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