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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Forty two years ago yesterday we walked out of church ready to embrace life together. The adventure hasn't stopped as we continue to enjoy good health and the ability to hike and paddle some of our beautiful parks and remote regions of Canada.

Back in 73 we headed west in a van I had converted for camping to explore the wilderness of British Columbia. Yesterday we thought we would do a little exploring closer to home but the weatherman had other ideas. No problem; let's go with Plan B and in life you know you always need a Plan B.

Mary is a quilter and quilters need fabric so yesterday we decide to take a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip (I'll let you figure out the acronym) to six quilt shops close to home. 

Presently the quilt shops in Ontario are offering a "Row by Row" competition which was another excuse for our trip.

We headed out early as we knew the day would be long and we wanted to be back at "Uncle George's" (restaurant) for supper.

Before we reached our first quilt shop the cell phone rang. It was our daughter Sherri calling to wish us "Happy Anniversary" Mary chatted and shared our plans for the day while I drove.

Many of the quilt shops are located in small towns, full of historic old buildings. While Mary shops I explore the streets, chatting with folks and taking pictures; I'm never bored.

This quilt shop looks to be an old western movie set, definitely worth exploring.

Before we had completed our visits, Sherri called back to say she had made a reservation for us and not to worry about the bill, just eat, celebrate and enjoy the evening. Thanks Rob and Sherri you made our day of celebration extra special.

Our reservation was for 6:15 but we arrived early and could be seated without delay. We were so grateful for the reservation as at least 15 folks were turned away because the place was fully booked. I wouldn't have thought such a small restaurant in such a quiet location would be that busy on a Tuesday night. Thanks to Sherri we had no problem getting a table.

We both ordered "prime rib roast" as that is the house specialty and we weren't disappointed. It was delicious, done to perfection and flavoured to our taste. It was the best prime rib we've eaten in a very long time. Rob, you would love it.

This was followed by chocolate/raspberry homemade pie, a dessert they are famous for. Once again we were not disappointed. Sorry for the crappy photo but I was half way through when I realized I hadn't taken a picture; it was that good, one bite and I just kept eating.

Thursday we are off to explore Bon Echo Park a park we haven't been to since Sherri was a baby. We took her there in the honeymoon van, no baby seat, no child safety chair back then just laid out on the bed, fast asleep as we drove. Times have changed and for the better when it comes to car safety.

Now it's time for Mary to make her "Row by Row" quilt and for me to finish my office.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy Anniversary Mary & Art!

  2. Congrats Art & Mary! We were at Bon Echo yesterday, for a boat ride and a picnic with our cousins.

  3. Thanks Rhonda.

    Hi Lori;
    We didn't make it to Bon Echo today. Spent the morning working on my office, plan to paint it tomorrow. We will get there this summer.