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Sunday 5 July 2015


After we left "Lookout Mountain" we headed north, up through the "Narrows" towards "Indian Point".

Durl shared an interesting story about the Narrows. Seems way back in 1812 when Canada and the USA were at war with each other there was a road built by Colonel Snow from Kingston to Bancroft then on to Toronto. There was fear that moving goods by the Great Lakes in times of war was too vulnerable and so the road was built and actually passed through the Narrows pictured above. There is a street in Bancroft named Snow street named after the same colonel.

Soon we reached our destination and began the climb to another vantage point looking out across Weslemkoon Lake. 

Kayakers were enjoying an afternoon paddle and stopped at an island far out in the lake. From our position we had a commanding view of the lake and could easily see any movement on the water; and that is why the Indians chose this spot hundreds of years ago.

These  holes are proof that the Indians visited this site regularly for hundreds of years. How were the holes made? What were they used for?

Beside this rock, Oak trees still grow. The Indians would gather the acorns and sit on these rocks grinding the nuts into flour. They used the same spot year after year and over time the holes were ground into the rock. 

The women also had a panoramic view of the lake and could worn the tribe if any enemies were spotted on the water. It must have been a beautiful scene as the women gathered, ground, chatted and sang throughout the afternoon.

After more exploring and viewing from up top it was back to the boat; time to head home for supper. The best part of the day was still ahead as we planned to go fishing after our meal was done.

Did we catch anything or come home empty handed? I'll let you know tomorrow.

Some days should never end.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us.


  1. Beautiful pics Art! Great insight on the history too! Thanks for sharing! 😄

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Always good to hear from our readers. We do enjoy sharing.