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Friday, 17 July 2015


I'm rollin north in a few hours, off to a fishing weekend with some guys. It feels good just seeing the trailer and truck connected ready to roll. Whenever I hear the hitch connect I'm like a team of horses ready to hit the open road. Even a short run brings a smile.

The "silver bullet" doesn't look too bad for her age. Built in 85 we've taken her to California twice and who knows where else she has gone with previous owners.

The box on the front holds 4 golf cart batteries but is empty for this trip. This is a shakedown trip to see how she pulls after sitting for over a year. We won't be far from home so help is at hand if I have a problem.

She has been a dream to tow, sitting back behind the truck never complaining or giving me concern. We've taken her down roads most trailers would refuse to go but she just rolls with the flow taking all my demands and never getting out of line.

Maybe we will just keep rollin and send Mary a ticket to meet us in Vancouver. 

If you see us coming just honk and wave, we won't be stopping, just rollin.

Enjoy your day.

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