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Thursday, 30 July 2015


Last winter my trailer batteries froze and burst; not a good experience. This week I opened up the electrical can of worms, got out the books related to all the components and started studying. It was a real head spinner.

Getting power from the sun isn't a simple case of panels, batteries and wires. This is a complex system that will function superbly if connected properly or fail miserably if just one step is sub-par.

After many hours of reading, evaluating, talking and making phone calls I believe I have uncovered a step or two that needs improving.

Unfortunately my electric guru won't be around until September so no boondocking for us this summer. We can travel but we will rely on shore power or a generator, neither option makes me happy.

Improvements will be easy to make and then we can roll down the highway totally self-contained, heading west to the mountains or east to the ocean; the road takes us in either direction.

If my grandmother could see how easy and comfortably we can travel across this beautiful country she would be amazed. What we cover in hours, she took weeks to do. It is a great age we live in.

Safe travels everyone. See you down the road.

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