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Wednesday 28 May 2014


Earlier this spring we had mergansers, mallards and Canadian geese checking out our pond. They hung around for a few days then left, obviously looking for better accommodations. Picky birds we have up here.

But yesterday I was surprised to see mom and dad and the kids waddling down the path heading straight for the pond. I have no idea where the nest was, no idea they were still here, but the babies can't fly yet so their nest was close and they could probably see us without revealing their presence.

If you double click on the photo you should see at least three goslings busy eating greens under the watchful eye of the parents.

Next lesson was their first swim in the pond. No problem and all seemed to be following in order, mom in the lead, dad bringing up the rear.

It was just a magical moment that I happened to catch on film.

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  1. Congratuations with the lovely baba's
    Greetings Ad and Gertie