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Monday 5 May 2014


Problem solved. As you can see I've been able to change my header picture. It took some reading, experimenting and frustrations but I finally figured out the path I need to follow to accomplish the change. Yea! 

So today's header should have been posted a few days ago but it still fits in with today's blog. Enjoy the read.

The bush is too wet for hiking through at the moment so we walk the road.

It's in pretty good shape considering all the abuse it received this winter. Jim and Paul do a fine job of maintaining it. Once the frost is out of the ground they will be busy grooming it for the summer crowd.

Our walks give us a chance to assess winter damage to our trees and visit with neighbours who are also out and about more often these days.

There are still pockets of snow here and there but they are small and infrequent. With the sun and warmer temperatures this week we should see them disappear.

The bush looks inviting but it will be a few more weeks before we venture through it. First it needs to dry and then we need to get black fly season over.

Slowly spring creeps across the land and we see more wildflowers each time we go for a walk.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love your blog - It helps me keep up on the family.

    This is Emma's blog - have a look on a wet day.


  2. Hi Jim;

    Looks like Emma is having a fantastic time. Just added Emma's blog to the ones we follow.