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Friday, 16 May 2014


Soon we will see lots of female turtles on the roads up here. June is the month they search out a suitable place to lay their eggs. Last year we had four different turtles lay clutches of eggs near our house.

Mary found this little guy in her garden this week. He spent the winter buried in the soil and has just emerged from the egg nest for the first time.

The eggs are laid in June and the baby painted turtles emerge from the egg shell in September. They have the ability to stay in the soil over the first winter and then head for the pond the following spring. That's what this little guy was doing when Mary found him. 

During their first winter buried in the soil their heart stops and they produce a type of antifreeze to keep themselves from freezing. Truly amazing.

For more information about painted turtles check out this site:
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