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Monday, 12 May 2014


With Leanne here we decided to use her muscles to help move the small storage shed down to Mary's garden.

Mary was on one side, Leanne on the other and I worked the bobcat. 

While we worked moving the shed the chickens enjoyed the kale hanging in their coop. They love the greens from our table.

It was great having Leanne up for a few days. The weather was perfect for walking the property and her help getting a few jobs done was greatly appreciated.

Looks like we are in for a week of rain which is the perfect weather after all the planting Mary did.

Today Lori and Doug from Belleville are coming to tour the house. They are thinking of building off grid and asked if they could take a tour.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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  1. I like the very nice birdpictures!
    You are becoming a real birdwatcher, Art!