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Friday 9 May 2014


As the days grow warmer and longer our thoughts and efforts start to focus on the gardens for this year. Seeds were ordered back in February and Mary started many seeds indoors as early as March.

This week felt right for starting some seeds in the garden. Rather than plant in rows she sectioned the garden and used a method called "Square Foot Gardening". We will see if we have improved yields this year.

As you can see the garden is well protected and this year will get plenty of sunshine thanks to all the trees that were removed back in February. Our new chicken coop for the meat birds will be behind the garden off to the top right in the picture above.

Mary planted about 1/3 the garden and over the next few weeks as the days and evenings get warmer she will slowly add more vegetables to her beds she is preparing here.

Now that new seeds are in the ground we must remember to close the gate and keep the chickens out. They quickly take advantage of the open gate to get inside and scratch for seeds.

The next few days call for rain, perfect for the newly planted beds.

Next month we hope to be eating lettuce, swiss chard, kale, and radishes from our own garden. 

Thanks  for stopping by and we will let you know how the garden grows later this summer.

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