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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Back in February when the guys were here cutting trees I had them save some of the long straight logs for future use.

Yesterday we hauled them off the hill and up to the stacked firewood. I will use them to make a cover over the wood to keep the rain and snow off so everything is properly dried before we burn it.

Mary's girls were close by checking out the logs and looking for any bugs that might be uncovered.

This pile of shorter sticks we will burn next year when we do maple syrup again. It too was moved off the hill and dumped close to the firebox.

Mary trying to get the girls back inside the compound. Once one escapes they all follow.

If you double click on this picture you can see the girls enjoying their freedom scratching for bugs on Mary's hugelkultur. (ultimate raised garden bed)

The hill has been cleared and now our garden should get plenty of sunshine.

Today looks like another warm sunny day so it will be more time working outside. We want to get as much done in the gardens as we can before the dreaded black flies show up.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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