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Wednesday 21 May 2014


The day was perfect, sun shining, the air was still and off in the distance I could hear a pilated woodpecker busy making a home in one of our precious maple trees. 

Although the day was perfect I chose to work inside yesterday as we have company. Not the cherished company of family and friends but the uninvited flying company in the form of black flies. 

Our bathroom sink has been waiting patiently for me to get in the mood, grab some tools and get the job done. I work at a slow pace punctuated by trips to the hardware store, sometimes several trips to the hardware store. Yesterday the work began.

The parts were set out to be sure I had everything. Then I read the instructions. Most DIY projects come with instructions I usually ignore until something doesn't fit, but yesterday I read the instructions first.

Everything was hand tightened and positioned correctly.

Some parts needed to be cut but in the end the parts went together very easily and without frustration.

Today I plan to install the faucets but first I need to go to the hardware store. I'm using pex water lines which means special fittings to connect pieces together and prevent any leaks. I love pex as it is so easy to use, no need to solder joints and the chance of leaks is almost zero.

Little by little we are completing the jobs and shrinking the "To-Do List".

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